Palms for auto-guide made of aloxyd ceramic


Palms for Wire & Felt Guiding Systems made of "ALOXYD CERAMIC" stop abrasion of wires and felts.


Most simple fixing of the palm made of "ALOXYD-CERAMIC" on used or new palm plates

with Perbunan® sealing and countersunk screws.


For less than "EUR 100,--" you will not have any abrasion problems anymore neither

with the palm plates of the Wire & Felt Guiding Systems nor with the wires and felts!



Palm plates coated with aloxyd ceramic


Palm plates coated with „ALOXYD-CERAMIC“ are the consequent development of our approved palms

and thus the next step to protect wires and felts.


Independent of the form or execution of your palm plates we will help you to forget your prevailing abrasion problems

with the palm plates of your Wire & Felt Guiding Systems as well as with your wires and felts!



Of course, we produce also "NEW COATED PALM PLATES" according to your specifications or

based on a sample.